Monday, December 15

Where Can I Get a Cat Like That?

When I was 11 or so my father married his longtime girlfriend, Jill, or ‘Lil Toot as we called her. Hey, she made the mistake of sharing that story. When she moved in she brought a black and white, short haired kitty named Paris.

Fortunate for Paris, the custody battle only granted me three weekends a month with my dad. Even still, Paris tolerated more than any cat should. I was not malicious or anything, I just played with her like she was my friend. And she put up with it. She put up with me.

Here’s Paris waiting to be wheeled around the house in a toy grocery cart. Imagine a white, hand-knit hat atop her head—sadly missing during the photo op.

As Paris and I aged it became clear that if I were to own a cat it would have to be one just like her. It would need the temperament of a saint and unsurpassed tolerance. But those attributes don’t typically grace cats.

The kitten I adopted has lived up to the Paris standard. Even though he’s named after a fictitious planet, kPax is the best kitty on earth. I know, he’s only on loan here. I tried using the name Paris on him one day, just to see. He didn’t respond. Then again, he doesn’t really respond to kPax either. It might be interference . . . you know, from the mother ship—static so loud he can't hear us, his host family.


Rich said...

Cats are crazy, they are all from another planet. Especially K-Pax!

Lil Toot said...

Hey Fawner great story, it made me cry. Paris was a good cat and I think she loved the attention from you.
I especially liked how she would let you push her around the house. Wish you could have been there more often. Lucky you to find another one that lives up to her standard. We will have to meet him sometime. Tulla and my moms new kitten seem to be very interested in each other. We held them nose to nose when we were leaving from our christmas day there and tulla licked Henry on the face and he seemed to like it. Go figure. Miss you and hope to see you soon. Love Lil

Choc. D said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. Sadly, little K-Pax has moved on. He will be missed.