Monday, December 22

Only Three Shopping Days Left

With an outside temperature of 4 degrees (Fahrenheit) and fresh flakes adding to an—already—healthy accumulation of snow, I can't help but praise my virtual shopping idea. Since we are all busy with holiday preparations, or shoveling snow from our steps, I'll get right to the point.

Dear Santa,

On the third Eve of Christmas I'd like to request something relatively petite. You can blame Anthony for letting me test out his "sport" earlier this year. If you thought the previous gift ideas too reckless, this one comes equipped with airbags.

A Mini . . . please 'o' please!

A John Cooper Works Hardtop to be exact - in red, checkered top and mirrors please.

1.6L - 4 cyl
208 hp
torque 192/1850
manual trans 6 speed
*automatic N/A!
0 - 60 in 6.2 sec
147 MPH
2700 lbs

I'd be happy to pick it up . . . unless of course you'd prefer to deliver.

Thanks Santa.

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Rich said...

Vrooom! Vrooom!