Wednesday, December 24

The Last Shopping Day

This is it: the last shopping day. No more procrastinating . . . unless of course you wait 'til after Christmas for the deep discounts. My gift idea for today, however, will not likely go on sale—ever.

Dear Santa,

Perhaps you've been waiting for a better idea, something more suitable for me. I think a 2 million dollar gift is approaching the range you're looking for. You can blame Gene for forwarding this YouTube video nearly a year ago.

Behold, the Bugatti!

16 cylinder, turbocharged
1001 horsepower
0 - 60 in 2.3 seconds
253 MPH
4 wheel drive
850,000 lbs "!"

Bugatti built a website almost as fascinating as their cars. This post would have been published earlier had they not hypnotized me just this morning. They have footage there too.

I'd prefer the EB 16.4 Veyron Sang Noir model; but really, any one of them will do.

I realize that a gift of this magnitude will require lifelong behavioral adjustments. I'm in.

Oh, yeah! Merry Christmas Santa.


Rich said...

Dear Santa,

Can you send 2? Merry Christmas

Helisphere said...

Wow!! That's one heavy car, about the same weight as a 747-400 at max gross! What the heck's it made out of??? solid iridium!!? ...heehee, couldn't resist :) Merry Christmas!!!

C R said...

You getting materialistic or is this a mid-life catastrophe?