Tuesday, December 23

Only Two Shopping Days Left

Technically, we really only have 1 1/2 shopping days left. This is where it starts to get interesting for those who thrive on unnecessary stress. Even I feel a twinge of motivation.

Time is a tickin' so let's get on with today's gift idea.

Dear Santa,

With COLD, crystal clear skies, the density altitude would allow stellar performance in the smallest of engines. What better way to witness a fresh blanket of snow or thousands of Christmas lights than from the cockpit of a Fury.

Lycoming IO 360A1B6
200 HP
Red Line - 285 MPH
Cruise - 215 MPH
Vso - 54 MPH
75% power - 10 GPH
Useable Fuel -60 gal
Climb @ SL - 1350 FPM
Ceiling - 21,000 FT
Gross Wt - 2300 LBS
Empty Wt - 1450 LBS
Fully Aerobatic
Ultimate Load 7+G's
Completely flush riveted

If you don't have time to chat with the LoPrestis when you are in Vero Beach, Florida, check out their website.

For this one, I'd promise to be good all of '09 too. Thanks Santa.


Rich said...

That would be a perfect little gift...for those last minute weekend getaways! RR

C R said...

FAWN! You have some serious gaps in your logic! If you're going to spend the money that this airplane would require, get an A26 and hire me to fly/work on it. That way your Ducatti would fit in the bomb bay.