Wednesday, May 20

Gone so Long

Gasp! Spit. Hack ... Cough.

As I regain composure to resurrect the blog, I can't help but feel guilty about my--its--hiatus. I know, "nobody reads it anyway." I tell myself that too in a desperate attempt to rationalize my behavior. And I have rehearsed that very excuse since Christmas, when no one bucked up to deliver, at least, one gift idea. "It's because nobody reads it," I say, "not because they don't love you."

My absence was not a total waste, however. I buried my head in mounds of class credits, classes pertaining to writing mostly--how to, who's done it, and what works. I found it pretty, and somewhat mesmerizing ... no, wait ... that was the low fuel light during the Beech 18 scene in Madagascar 2. (One of my all-time favorite cartoon scenes!)

Not having cared for school during my teens, I find my obsession with current grade point humorous. I have to say, though, that education is beneficial, even if it's not exactly what you wanted to learn. For example, I didn't need to know that I caused permanent cell damage from my earlier days involving extracurricular activities. It does explain some things though. But I feel better having learned something this winter besides how many days it rained in Arkansas--during fire season.

There's more to come, my friends, and sooner than another six months.