Sunday, December 21

Only Four Shopping Days Left

Okay, maybe I got a little carried away yesterday. I'll step it down a notch. Today’s gift idea might even fit under the tree, but not for long.

Dear Santa, how about a squirrel suit. You can blame Randy for educating me about their low-level capabilities with this video from YouTube.

For your convenience, I've picked out a few suits at the following stores:

Birdman Flight Gear
Style: Blade
Size: ME
Color: Red — of course

Phoenix Fly — Human Flight Innovations
Style: Vampire 3
Size: M

Nitro Rigging
Style: Rigor Mortis II
Size: M

Thanks Santa. With aging reindeer you might want to look into one for yourself.


Rich said...

That has to be the CRAZIEST thing I've ever seen. Those guys are fearless. That would be the ultimate...Skydive, free fall, base jump combo. What will they come up with next? RR

Helisphere said...

Wow!!! That's really cool... They should issue those to the smokejumpers then they could all take a wiz on the fire on their way down :)

Helisphere said...

Hell... Give 'em each one of those mini jet engines and a bladder bag and they'll be stealin' your job :)