Friday, June 5

Welcome to the Smorgasbord

In high school, I remember feeling anxious and abnormal for not knowing what I wanted to become. Ideas were plentiful; but that was precisely the problem. I wanted to be an attorney (oh, to be naive again), and a police officer, an astrophysicist, and a writer/photographer for National Geographic. I wanted to fly fighter jets and race cars and ... well, I'll spare you the thousand occupations that excited me.

One might think this handicap a temporary dilemma. But it was--and is--not. Sure, I pursued pilot certifications and followed my dream of flying airtankers, but that was an exception. The tanker goal came with complimentary blinders that I donned like a parade horse, and a carrot that I followed intently. Once I finally reached the carrot, famished, I found it bitter. (No doubt having spoiled due to the length of the journey.) Within the disappointment, however, exists a sweet motivation to taste other successes.

Writing is the one thing that allows exploration of eclectic interests, or so I thought. The more I plunge into this passion for the written word, the more people I find that discredit the notion. They say that a writer should have niche, that what they provide follow some sort of contrived theme, especially a blog. But I barely have the attention span to match my socks each morning. How can I focus an entire communication platform onto one subject?

Despite the advice of blogger professionals and Chocolate Dynamite's slim readership, I'd like to honor eclectics by exploring a variety of topics, relying on style to hold it all together. Think of it as a dinner party, where you are invited to move about and participate in conversations ranging from 41mm racing carburetors to killing house plants.

In the mean time, check out this race car powered by--like me--chocolate!


Rich said...

YOU do it your way...Stick it to the Man! If you had that car you would always be out of gas. (and the proof would be the chocolate stash on your face!) "I didn't do wasn't me!!!

John said...

You are in control of this blog Chocolate! The conversations are of your choice. We as readers will decide if we are interested, but like a dinner party, we will not determine the entree! Fill the carburetors or kill the house plants, but blog on!!!

Choc. D said...

I love the encouragement. Thanks guys!!!

Steve Beland said...

Writing, and most particularly blogging, certainly does allow for the exploration of eclectic interests, and I would take issue with anyone who says otherwise. If you wish to write about chocolate one day, airplanes the next, and motorcycles the day after that, or all of them in the same day, why shouldn't you? Those who are interested in the conversation will join in, those who aren't will move on, just like a regular dinner party.