Wednesday, May 20

Gone so Long

Gasp! Spit. Hack ... Cough.

As I regain composure to resurrect the blog, I can't help but feel guilty about my--its--hiatus. I know, "nobody reads it anyway." I tell myself that too in a desperate attempt to rationalize my behavior. And I have rehearsed that very excuse since Christmas, when no one bucked up to deliver, at least, one gift idea. "It's because nobody reads it," I say, "not because they don't love you."

My absence was not a total waste, however. I buried my head in mounds of class credits, classes pertaining to writing mostly--how to, who's done it, and what works. I found it pretty, and somewhat mesmerizing ... no, wait ... that was the low fuel light during the Beech 18 scene in Madagascar 2. (One of my all-time favorite cartoon scenes!)

Not having cared for school during my teens, I find my obsession with current grade point humorous. I have to say, though, that education is beneficial, even if it's not exactly what you wanted to learn. For example, I didn't need to know that I caused permanent cell damage from my earlier days involving extracurricular activities. It does explain some things though. But I feel better having learned something this winter besides how many days it rained in Arkansas--during fire season.

There's more to come, my friends, and sooner than another six months.


Rich said...

Glad to have you back. Rico, you've had you're fun...pull up! One of my favorites 2.

Rico Malloy

John said...

Well it's good to have you back! You must admit however that your wish list was a bit ambitious.

Choc. D said...

Thanks for the warm welcome gentlemen!

No, John. I will not retract my faith in Santa.

John said...

I remember the day I learned Santa wasn't real...almost crashed the car I was driving!