Thursday, February 28

Learning Stupidity

I am nostril deep in hydraulic fluid. If you know anything about said fluid, you know that it's stinky. Unfortunately, that's the extent of my knowledge on the matter today. Continuing education has turned me into an idiot.

The first company to employ me as a tanker pilot honored me with an invitation to recurrent training. Within a few hours of class, during preparation for a power point presentation, my intelligence dimmed right along with the overhead fluorescents. The addition of information somehow reduced that which I already knew.

The phenomena attacks more than my flying career; writing has been the same. Education does not propel me forward as I expect. Instead, miles of blackout provide one little light bulb to go off—shedding only enough light to see a towering stack of study materials. Information within reach but that cannot be read nor learned.

But to tell you the truth, I am concerned most about not snorting the fluid beneath my nose. Too bad there isn’t anything I can stand on.

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