Friday, February 15

Finally, Links to Published Pieces

Where can I get a hold of articles you've previously had published?
Good question. Here, I will offer up a couple sites where you can find my earlier works. gets credit for the first publication of "118 Degrees, 22 Minutes, 10 Seconds," a personal narrative about flying air tankers for fire suppression. You can find it at

Aviation for Women kindly made the same story a cover piece in the Sept/Oct issue of 2007. For the first time, you can view the magazine layout online thanks to my dear friend at, go to - it's the last link listed (for now) including the phrase "fire bomber."

Are you are hungry for some culture? You'll find a restaurant review about a quaint eatery on the shores—literally—of the Pacific Ocean in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Check it out at

I've also included these websites under "A few sites I live by" column on the homepage—for future reference.

There you have it. Proceed with caution; no lifeguard on duty.

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