Tuesday, November 27

Two Dollar Steaks . . . Sans the Gristle

In honor of Thanksgiving, this year's gratitude list has been . . . well, started. If, like me, you've waited for the demise of the pumpkin pie before recognizing other goods, then maybe its time for a little inspiration. I've included five examples of what is right in my world. (For the purpose of the exercise, this list is void of the obvious--like good health, family, friends, and purchases in excess of $500.00.) Here we go!

Many thanks to:

1. Readers of the blog! You are the best. Free-time doesn't come cheap; thanks for sharing yours with me.

2. My unrelenting appetite for dark--the more cocoa the better--chocolate, without it, I would not experience euphoric delusions at the expense of just a few hundred calories.

3. The bounce of dog ears as seen from the opposing end of a taut leash. The distance traveled by the tip of the ear is proportionate to a shelter animal's happiness during a welcomed walk.

3. Duck butts . . . specifically when they submerge their heads below the surface to find algae--or whatever they eat. I wonder if Newton included ducks in his study of the Third Law? For every action (head down), there is a equal and opposite reaction(butt up).

4. Costa Rican pancakes served with fresh, sliced banana and molasses. Yum!

5. Great landings, especially in the Neptune P2-V (thank you tanker 05), detected only by the struts of the main gear and a zero-descent rate.

Know that my gratitude extends beyond such favors. The above mentioned are but Cool Whip on the pie!


Shawn S. Sullivan said...

Three Oscar Eight. Best place to REALLY land. You can smell the cow chips and get some of the best beef I know at Harris Ranch. AND, when you depart, the rnwy is right next to the Five Freeway, so wait for a truck and race it to the end of the runway just before rotation. Ah, little things for little people.

Choc. D said...

Thanks for the tip. You can never have too many runways to choose from. I, too, especially like strips that incorporate all the senses. Sometimes it's nice to be easily--not cheaply--amused.