Wednesday, January 23

It's a Gosh-Dern Revolution

I'd like to honor the arrival of 2008—before I loose enthusiasm, expectations wilt, and my taste buds detect souring disappointment. I hear you. The ball dropped in Time Square nearly a month ago. It's late, I know, but I started the year behind, however that works.

The recent buzz about resolutions and goal setting has upset the blog's prior trajectory. A once benign presence, breathing quietly in the corner, will now adorn a florescent, floral-print mu mu and slap passing asses. Chocolate Dynamite is steppin’ it up. The site is always under construction, but a renovation of this magnitude will necessitate the hands of many, or, in this case, the brains of several.

I’m asking for your input. If you don't speak up, I will continue to blog-along as I have in the past. But I'd love to hear—or read—some feedback. Here’s a sneak peak of things to come, and where you can help.

If you haven't noticed, the colors of the blog have displayed the spectrum. Good Lord! You change the colors of the blog as frequently as I changed outfits as an overly self-conscious teen. I read somewhere that viewing a darker computer screen uses less energy than its brighter counterpart. But if you can't read the text, we might as well leave the damn thing off. What do you think . . . Does the color scheme give you a headache? Is the font large enough? Do you have to squint? Do the necessary links link you? Should the pictures be larger?

February encourages prolificacy. For the first time in Chocolate Dynamite history, I will post weekly. Granted, each post may not be a literary piece, but I will provide something for your viewing pleasure each week. Your turn . . . Can you handle that much Choc.D? Or is the thought of additional torture nauseating? What would you like to see more of . . . photos, essays, reviews?

Some handy features have already been implimented. An email icon/link (looks like a miniature envelope) at the end of each post allows you to forward any post to any one. You can now subscribe to the blog (feeder icon found on the top right corner of the home page, beneath the profile link), once signed up, post notifications are sent automatically through the site, rather than from me—at my convenience.

A funky new template is in the works; it's totally hip and will hopefully stave off feeling old—one more year. On top of all the mods to the blog, a legitimate dot-com website is in the making, you'll be able to get cool stuff there, including PDF links to my articles not published elsewhere on the Internet.

I hope you share a fraction of my excitement for things to come. Please leave any comments in the "comments" section below—anonymous or not. You can also email me directly—the address can be found in "my complete profile." I will read all comments and listen to most. Thanks for your help.

If you'd like to help re-model in proper party attire . . . check out


RR said...

The color looks good to me, for now! I look forward to seeing what is coming next.

RR said...

More Pictures and Videos would be cool.

Choc. D said...

Hey RR! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Dually noted. I'll work on more mixed media.

little bro said...

luckily I pre-ordered my muu-muu a couple months ago. 5 month waiting list on those suckers.

i think reviews of whatever you happen to be watching, reading, eating, listening to, exploring, or enjoying would be cool.

other than that, keep it up. i look forward to weekly updates, giving me one more good excuse to stave off my accounting homework.

Choc. D said...

You friggin ROCK Todd! I hope we didn't order matching muu muus--that would be embarrassing.

Reviews . . . you got it.

As far as excuses go, glad I could help. Here's how I see it: if you don't have any assets or money, there's nothing to account for--hence no accounting! (But don't listen to me.)