Sunday, January 17

The Human Experiment

You are invited to join me in something entirely different on my new Web site titled, Me Amoeba. I've donated myself to science, a sort of human experiment involving personal transformation--no religious connotation there.

After several years of testing the water, using the tip of my big toe and barely breaking the surface tension, it's time to get serious, jump in, and design a life I want to live. It frightens me to strip down to my skivvies--so to speak--and shed that which keeps me warm and safe. But I'll do it for you. I'll expose the flaws of my process to prove that an average amoeba can do it. If I can do it, certainly you can too.

My quest, thus far, has uncovered effective tactics and useful tools for reinvention. It has also exposed what does not work, what promotes stagnation rather than progress. By sharing both I can help you annihilate the excuse "I don't have time to change."

Me Amoeba will function as a progressive account of mistakes, successes, and findings during my metamorphosis. In a sense, more posts more often with information you can use. I hope you join me.

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