Tuesday, December 15

On the Tenth Day 'til Christmas ...

Today’s gifting experience turned into a test of determination. Baking is not my forte. And because it is not my forte, I lack the necessary equipment to mass produce anything other than scrambled eggs. But I can’t gift scrambled eggs; they don’t package well. Instead, I set out to make my first batch of Christmas cookies—ever. Like I said, I don’t bake.

I especially can't/don't make the intricate Norwegian cookies my maternal family raised me on. Besides, my target recipients might enjoy a cookie that makes them smile. I guarantee that once I decorate a simple sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles—and maybe a few Red Hots for emphasis—the result will be laughable. And edible, I hope.

The undertaking might have remained inexpensive had my kitchen contained a few basic items like a rolling pin, cookie cutters, two cookie sheets, food coloring, sprinkles, and vanilla extract. Additional costs include the gasoline required for my sweetie to make three separate trips to the store for items I forgot. As it was, we took turns mixing the batter with an inadequate wooden spoon.

For a healthier treat, try this cranberry pistachio biscotti recipe. Using whole wheat instead of all-purpose flour lets you get away with accidentally overcooking them a bit. No one will ever know—by sight or taste. I can attest.

The sugar cookies will undergo makeovers tomorrow in preparation for delivery to several of our city’s homeless. The biscotti? Well, we'll see how many make it out the door.


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Tom said...

Mom once gave me the task of making Rice Krispy cookies to bring to the family Christmas gathering. They never made it to the nice cubicle shape since I tried putting chocolate chips in the cookies. You need to let it cool first? Basically, I ended up with this brown wad of sticky that never got out of the bowl.
Took photos of the lump and showed mom. I had been relieved of my cookie baking duties forever!

Choc. D said...

That is awesome, Tom. Sounds so familiar and like something I might do intentionally. To be relieved of future baking responsibilities, yes, and to eat the sticky mass straight out of the bowl--by myself, like cookie dough.