Wednesday, June 25

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“The only thing we should leave behind is good art.”
—John Fluevog

Who the hell is John Fluevog you ask? Why, only the hippest shoe designer alive. Don’t believe me? Check em out at I have a pair of Angel Supervogs—in blue—that have survived over ten years of abuse; and they’re still kickin’.

A fan of my caliber receives an e-letter called Fluevog News. This, my friends, is where I found the above passage. Instead of the usual smirk surrendered to the quote of the month, this one kept me thinking. So much so that I dusted off the dictionary to look up “good” and “art.” I found a single word defining each: skill.

To inquire upon the numerous opinions of “good art” would only lead us to inconclusive nausea. Throw in a qualifying word, however, like skill, and we’ve eliminated a few offensive ingredients. “Art” in its most general terms means: form taking shape from nothing. I can already hear grumbles from art enthusiasts abroad. Is it safe to say, then, that form must arrive through skill to be considered good?

My personal parameters are a bit tighter. I enjoy creations that transcend the heart and mind, works that take me from myself—in observation or creation. A piece that can persuade emotion is powerful . . . and good.

Lesser forms of art, however, are left behind everyday. What about television sets, NiCad batteries, Tupperware, and Twinkies? Those forms will survive us by light years. But we can hardly call them art. I mean really; I’ve never felt the creator’s soul of, say, a Twinkie.

So for the sake of those whom have to clean up after us, I invite you to support “good art” this week. The medium is unimportant. Just allow yourself to appreciate a few paintings, sculptures, literature, the theater, a divine meal, or, yes, John, even shoes.

Feel free to drop by the comments section to create your own piece, or recommend someone else's.


Anonymous said...

Great quote, great shoes.

FreeSpirit said... that like Fahrvergnugen? Look that up if you can find it. There are many forms of art that we can all appreciate, I am more observant now of that because of you, Thank You! By the way a Twinkie is an exceptional work of art!!! (Mmmmmm). RR