Tuesday, August 28

Strawberry Lake, Malheur National Forest - 16 miles east of John Day, Oregon

Yes, it is a hike into the lake, but it's only 1.3 miles from the trailhead. To get there . . . Highway 26 will get you to Prairie City (about 15 miles east of John Day). Once you've made it to Prairie, get onto county road 60 southbound - toward Strawberry Mountain. Follow the signs. You'll come upon Slide Creek first; there is camping and several trailheads there. But if you are traveling to Strawberry Lake, keep driving. Another camping area rests at the trailhead for Strawberry Lake. Know that the campground sits at 5700 feet, if you plan to camp, dress accordingly. It's 1.3 miles to the lake and another 1 to 1.5 miles (depending on which side of the lake you choose to walk) to Strawberry Falls. And if you haven't had enough by then, there are several Springs you can hike to from the Falls.

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Anonymous said...

Great site, just checking it out for the first time. I saw the article in Aviation for Women!

I love your photo of Strawberry Lake, it looks like a nice place to visit. I don't see any road access, did you hike to it?
I live not too far away, so I'm wondering about a day hike there or overnight camping.

The site looks great by the way!