Monday, January 8

Hit Me

I keep waiting for my moment of enlightenment when the proverbial 2x4 makes a deafening smack against my skull, testing the elasticity of my skin, leaving a pretty healthy lump, and jolting me out of a floundering existence. I don't want to sound ungrateful because, for the most part, I enjoy my life. But this bolt of energy burning a whole inside needs direction. To those I adore... "You are not the ones who make me question my allotted breath. But I had hoped that this life would facilitate, at least a twinge of, large-scale importance." While I await my golden mission, my anxious heart taps an unpredictable beat.

There must still be opportunities for common folk to assist in our evolution. Look at all the great advancements in history, all the wonderful people who have left a mark on humanity: Einstein, da Vinci, the Wright brothers, and Dali to name a few obvious examples. The list goes on, more recent though a bit frightening: President Bush, Hitler, Hussein, and Bundy. Granted, they aren't as glamorous as the first list yet they too shape modern man's perspective. Things would be different had they not lived. (To clarify, the latter influences are not what I envision for myself.)

By now the more realistic reader is murmuring to themselves, "Changing the world doesn't have to happen in such a grand fashion." Those choosing this melancholy approach are correct. Changes don't have to take on the form of world domination. We affect each others lives everyday, often having more power than we take responsibility for. Our moods act as contagious viruses. My mail carrier, for example, is wonderful. She wears a smile everyday, and the packages that wont fit in my box are delivered directly to my door. I love that.

I like to submerge myself into a chosen activity. And I have a hard time keeping tasks manageable in size. Even though I haven't earned the local humanitarian award, somehow I smell rotting potential. I know you have to start small. I'll still recycle, buy low wattage bulbs, wash my dishes by hand, and leave the car parked when I can. But please, let me impact the world like a meteor rather than a loose canon--meandering the neighborhoods in red tights and a cape.

"Doesn't everyone want to make a grandiose contribution," You ask? I don't know. Maybe. Those that might, may not be in a position to allow full submersion into the delegated task. I, on the other hand, have been collecting diving gear for years. I just hope that when I do get to use it, it's not to do my laundry.

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I hate laundry too